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Treatment Services 

Alcoholism has become a generational health risk for Native Americans. Recovery requires life changes. Through individualized treatment our clients can achieve sobriety. Our program consists of holistic components designed for mind, body and spirit.

Our treatment services are presently available for American Indian individuals in a 90 day community alcohol/drug treatment center in Manteca California.


♦ Must be an 18 and over Native American male. 

♦ A willingness to live and maintain a sober environment.

♦ Attendance at required group meetings seminars and A.A., N.A. Meetings.

♦ Participation in individualized and group counseling sessions, Traditional and Cultural participation for self help, growth, and participation in recreation and physical activities as a part of group development.


♦ Residential Care

♦ 12 Step Program

♦ Group and Individual Counseling

♦ Red Road Recovery Program

♦ White Bison Program

♦ Anger Management

♦ PTSD/Family Sessions

♦ DomesticViolence/Child Abuse Issues

♦ Physical Exercise and Nutrition Sessions

♦ Talking Circle

♦ Prevention, Educational Sessions

♦ Mental Health Referrals

♦ Cultural and Traditional Activities

♦ Ceremonies



♦ Completion of 90 day treatment and recovery phase

♦ A strong desire and commitment for change

♦ Pre-Entry screening

♦ Remain Clean and Sober

♦ Fulfill individualized aftercare plan

♦ Compliance with all program rules

♦ Attend all mandatory meetings

♦ Set goals and pursue them

♦ Personal Responsibility and Accountability

Sober Living House

Three Rivers Indian Lodge has created a third phase to our treatment services. Once the individual has successfully graduated the 90 day aftercare program, they are eligible to apply for the Sober living environment to continue the recovery process. They will be given more time in recovery to focus more consistently on life changes. This will include weekly meetings with Counselors, mandatory recovery groups or meeting's, and overall action plan to building a balanced life. This program and environment is culturally relevant to American Indians where walking the Red Road is a path to empowerment, and balance. Where cultural beliefs and traditions are utilized in their continued quest for sobriety.

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