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Program Description


Established in 2021, Native C.O.R.E has a vision of building and maintaining community connections and partnerships in an attempt to promote and facilitate AI/AN family, youth and community engagement in opioid use prevention awareness. Native C.O.R.E has a secondary goal of designing, promoting and implementing awareness campaigns and education programs aimed at recognizing the signs of Opioid Use Disorder (OUD).

Contact Native C.O.R.E.

1351 W. Oak St Suite 7

Stockton, CA 95203



Fax: 209-451-4866

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Native C.O.R.E. Staff


Office Manager - Debbie Miner



Program Manager - Stephanie Moreno

Cultural Coordinator- Frances Rocha 

Front Desk Receptionist- Maudy Swisher

Community Relations Specialist/Media - Whitney DeMarsico

Project Coordinator - Ana Cervantes

Outreach Coordinator- Tina Tapia


Project Coordinator - John Murphy

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